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Microsoft Defender mistakenly saw a threat in Chrome and Electron apps

Due to a bug in an update, Microsoft Defender incorrectly identified Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge,

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Worok hacking group targets Asian governments and companies

ESET analysts have discovered the Worok cyber-espionage group, which has been active since at least

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28 dangerous extensions detected for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Avast experts have discovered malware hidden in at least 28 third-party extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. All of these extensions were

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AgainstTheWest claims to have hacked TikTok and WeChat, stealing 2.05 billion records

The AgainstTheWest (aka BlueHornet) group claims to have acquired a huge 790 GB dump after successfully hacking TikTok and WeChat. Allegedly, the hackers managed to

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The CodeRAT developer has published the source code in the public domain

The source code for the CodeRAT remote access trojan has been published on GitHub. This happened after the security researchers identified the malware developer and

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Cisco hacking linked to Russian-speaking hackers

Experts from eSentire have determined that the infrastructure used to attack Cisco in May 2022 was used to compromise an unnamed HR solutions company a

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Hackers hacked Neopets and spent a year and a half in the system

Unknown attackers hacked the Neopets website, which was founded back in 1999 and offers the opportunity to have virtual pets, as well as interact, communicate

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Urgent Chrome patch fixes zero-day vulnerability

Google developers have released Chrome 105.0.5195.102 for Windows, Mac and Linux, where they fixed a 0-day vulnerability that hackers are already exploiting. This is the

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Samsung reported a data breach

Samsung representatives reported that as early as the end of July 2022, the company's systems in the US were compromised. As the investigation showed, the

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Qnap developers fix 0-day vulnerability abused by Deadbolt

Qnap has warned customers about a new wave of DeadBolt ransomware attacks. This time, the malware exploited a zero-day vulnerability in Photo Station, which the

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Google launches open source bug bounty program

Last week, Google introduced a new bug bounty program. This bug bounty is for researchers who discover vulnerabilities in the company's open source projects. Let

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Malware hides in images from the James Webb telescope

Securonix researchers have noticed an interesting malware campaign that distributes malware called GO#WEBBFUSCATOR written in Go. To spread it, hackers use phishing emails, malicious documents,

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RAT ModernLoader is used to distribute miners and infostealers

According to Cisco Talos, between March and June 2022, hackers organized three related campaigns, delivering various malware to compromised machines, including RAT ModernLoader, RedLine Stealer,

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Chrome extensions installed 1.4 million times spoofed user cookies

Analysts at McAfee found five extensions for Google Chrome in the Chrome Web Store that were fraudulent with user data. Specifically, the extensions tracked when

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0ktapus campaign: Twilio hackers attacked over 130 companies

Group-IB specialists have published a detailed report on the 0ktapus campaign. Experts said the recent phishing attacks against Twilio and Cloudflare employees were part of

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Nitrokod miner disguises itself as Yandex, Google, Microsoft translators

Analysts from Check Point have discovered an unusual Nitrokod mining malware. This malware disguises itself as various applications from Yandex.Translate to MP3 Download Manager, penetrates

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Google will stop VPN apps from blocking ads

Starting November 2022, Google will prohibit VPN apps from the Google Play Store from blocking ads or interfering with ad serving. Google's updated policy states

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Critical bug fixed in Atlassian Bitbucket Server and Data Center

Atlassian has published a security advisory alerting Bitbucket Server and Data Center users to a critical vulnerability (9.9 out of 10 on the CVSS scale)

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Grouping LockBit takes DDoS into service

Last week, after the information security company Entrust was hacked, the LockBit hacker group was subjected to powerful DDoS attacks. Now the hackers say they

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New Malware can attack different operating systems without using multiplatform languages

Kaspersky Lab specialists have discovered two new extortionate hack groups. The malware of these attackers can attack different operating systems without resorting to multiplatform languages.

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Genshin Impact’s anti-cheat system is used to disable antiviruses

Trend Micro experts have discovered that hackers are abusing the system anti-cheat driver of the popular game Genshin Impact to disable anti-virus software during ransomware

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LastPass: Developer Was hacked and Source Code Got Leaked

Two weeks ago, LastPass, which develops the password manager of the same name, which is used by more than 33 million people around the world,

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Donut Leaks: New extortionist gang discovered

Researchers have described a new extortionist group, Donut Leaks (Don#t Leaks), which is somehow connected to the recent attacks on the Greek state company Desfa

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