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Android 14 will prevent malware from getting dangerous rights

Google has released the first Android 14 developer preview. Apps now have to specify how

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Cybersecurity experts found malicious mods for Dota 2

Avast warned that they were able to detect four malicious Dota 2 game mods that

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28 dangerous extensions detected for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Avast experts have discovered malware hidden in at least 28 third-party extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. All of these extensions were

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93% of companies surveyed showed suspicious online activity

Positive Technologies experts conducted a study to identify network attacks and unwanted activity in traffic. According to the results of the analysis, violations of information

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Canadian bookstore Indigo shut down website due to cyberattack

Canada's largest bookstore chain, Indigo Books & Music, has been cyberattacked. As a result, the company's website was disabled, and you can only pay for

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NIST Standardizes Ascon Algorithm Family for IoT and Light Electronics

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has announced that the Ascon Cryptographic Algorithm Group will become the lightweight cryptography standard in 2023. Once

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US and UK authorities have imposed sanctions against individuals associated with Conti and Trickbot malware

US and UK authorities have sanctioned seven Russians who are believed to be involved in the activities of the TrickBot hack group, whose malware was

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Microsoft: Iranian hackers stole Charlie Hebdo database

Microsoft analysts have said that a group of "government" hackers from Iran called Neptunium is behind the hacking campaign against the French satirical magazine Charlie

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An exploit for a dangerous bug in GoAnywhere MFT has been published

An exploit has appeared on the network for a zero-day vulnerability actively used by hackers in the GoAnywhere MFT administration console. Fortra, the company behind

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Tor Developers Report Massive DDoS Attacks Slowing Down Onion Services

Representatives of the Tor Project said that in the past seven months, the availability of the Tor network has been regularly violated by powerful DDoS

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A script has appeared to restore VMware ESXi servers affected by ESXiArgs ransomware attacks

Experts from the US Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency (DHS CISA) have prepared a script for recovering VMware ESXi servers that

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A bug in the Clop ransomware for Linux allowed victims to recover data for free

In December 2022, researchers discovered a version of the Clop ransomware that targets Linux servers. However, there was a vulnerability in the encryption scheme of

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Researchers List 17,000 IP Addresses Used by Killnet in DDoS Attacks

Threat analysts from SecurityScorecard have compiled a list of IP addresses that have recently been actively used in DDoS attacks. In particular, these addresses are

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A number of serious vulnerabilities have been fixed in OpenSSL

OpenSSL developers have released a major security update that closes at least eight documented bugs that exposed OpenSSL users to the risk of hacker attacks.

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Malicious WhatsApp spreads through legitimate applications

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a new version of the unofficial WhatsApp application for Android, which bears the name YoWhatsApp and steals access keys to

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Scammers fake Windows problems, forcing users to call them back

Kaspersky Lab experts report that attackers are increasingly imitating problems with Windows and tricking Russian-speaking users into calling them back. Then, during a telephone conversation,

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Another 0-day bug has been found in Microsoft Exchange, and LockBit ransomware operators are exploiting it

Although Microsoft still hasn't fixed the ProxyNotShell zero-day vulnerabilities found in Exchange last month, the company is now investigating a report about a new zero-day

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Microsoft has fixed more than 80 vulnerabilities, but there are still no patches for ProxyNotShell

Microsoft developers have released October patches for their products. In total, more than 80 vulnerabilities were fixed this month, including bugs actively exploited by hackers.

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Roskomnadzor regularly updates the list of blocked VPN services

Yesterday, a number of Telegram channels and the media reported that Roskomnadzor would soon block a number of popular VPN services in the Russian Federation,

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Phishing platform Caffeine targets Russian and Chinese services

Mandiant has discovered a new Phishing-as-a-Service (PHaaS) Caffeine platform. Interestingly, here new clients do not require invitations or referrals to connect, and they do not

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Carding site BidenCash gives away 1.2 million bank card data for free

The carder darknet resource BidenCash again staged a high-profile "advertising campaign". The site administration published a huge dump containing information about 1,221,551 bank cards for

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Documentation and BIOS leaked for Intel Alder Lake processors

Intel has confirmed the leaked UEFI BIOS documentation and source code for Alder Lake processors (the code name for 12th generation Intel processors that have

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Microsoft Defender mistakenly saw a threat in Chrome and Electron apps

Due to a bug in an update, Microsoft Defender incorrectly identified Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Discord, Spotify, and other Electron apps as a Win32/Hive.ZY threat

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